Booking and Payment:

  • We’re thrilled you’re interested in booking our studio! To lock in your preferred dates and times, a 50% deposit is required.
  • Just a heads-up, the remaining 50% should be sorted out at least 1 business day before your studio time.
  • Deposits are a commitment, so they’re non-refundable. However, if things shift, you can use them to rebook your studio dates, just be sure to give a heads up 24hrs before your scheduled sessions.
  • We’re all about digital payments, that should be done online before your booking day. No cash transactions on-site.

Cancellations and Rebooking:

  • Life happens! If plans change, no worries. Just make sure to let us know within 24 hours before your session to reschedule to the next available dates to book our studio.
  • Unfortunately, deposits will be waved goodbye if you need to cancel your recording session or other services. As we block out these studio time, engineer’s calendars, and the studio for you.
  • Now, if you’re locking in 2 hours or more, here’s the deal: you can’t downgrade the number of hours. But, listen up, you can reschedule with the original hours booked, either all at once or one by one.

Late Arrival:

  • If you’re fashionably late to your scheduled session, your payment covers the time you reserved – no extensions. This includes any sound engineer you’ve booked. We’re in sync.
  • Being on time is crucial! If you’re running late by half an hour, that half-hour will be deducted from your paid studio session duration. Unfortunately, we can’t extend your booked time to make up for it. Let’s ensure every moment is a musical masterpiece.

Unavoidable Cancellations:

  • Life sometimes dances out of our hands. If we’ve got to cancel due to a force beyond our control – think engineer illness or an Acts of God or forces beyond our control – we’re in the same boat.
  • We’ll spin our wheels to sync a reschedule that suits you ASAP. If the stars don’t align for a new date and time.

Full-Time Commitment:

  • When you book studio time, it’s like reserving the spotlight. If you decide to dim it early, the spotlight’s still yours – and the bill for the full reserved time is too.
  • Tune in: ending early won’t refund your unused time. The time you reserved is the time you get, no partial refunds or credits.

Services and Fees:

  • Our rates are as cool as our studio. You’ll be charged according to the current studio rates and promotions when you book.
  • Ready for the star treatment? Every session you score includes free mixing and mastering by our team. We want your music to rule the charts!
  • If you’re aiming for that extra touch, additional services beyond the studio time will come with additional fees.
  • Just a heads-up, extra charges find their way to us at the session’s closing notes.

Third-Party Arrangements:

  • If your project needs extra musical magic beyond what we provide, like backup singers or musicians, the ball’s in your court to set that up and cover their costs.
  • While we’re here to make your tunes shine, we can’t guarantee third-party players’ availability – that part’s on you.

Responsibility for Equipment and Cleanliness:

  • Keep the vibes great! You’re in charge of keeping things tidy and treating our equipment right while you’re in the studio.

Session Timing:

  • Just so you’re in the loop, studio time includes setup, breakdown, and chill time for artists and sound engineers.

Time Extensions:

  • If you’re craving more studio time, here’s the deal: it’s all about availability. Extensions need to be paid in advance, and our regular rates apply to extra time and services.
  • Got a promo deal for your initial session? If you’re extending, we’ll set the regular studio rate at the time of the session for the added time.

Loss or Damage of Recording Media:

  • We’re careful, but accidents can happen. While we’ll try our best to keep your recording media safe, the Studio isn’t responsible for any losses or damage.
  • If the unthinkable occurs due to our own slip-ups, we’ll take the blame and replace the affected media.

Ownership of Recorded Media:

  • Your tunes are precious! We won’t release recorded media until all payments are wrapped up.
  • If payments are MIA for 5 days, your creations might become our studio’s property.

File Backup and Deletion:

  • We’ll back up your project files during your session, just to play it safe.
  • But remember, files might be wiped out after a while unless you’ve got different plans in mind.

Damage and Misuse of Studio Property:

  • Treat the studio like your favorite hangout spot – with respect. Any damage or loss to our property because of negligence or carelessness is on you.

Adherence to Studio Rules:

  • Rules are there for a reason – please stick to them. Not following them might mean you’re kindly shown the door and your agreements with us end.

Release of Liability:

  • We’re all about good vibes, but sometimes things go sideways. If harm or damage happens during your time here, we’re not legally responsible unless we caused it intentionally or recklessly.

Promotional Use:

  • Ready for your moment in the spotlight? We might use your name, pics, and even a bit of your music for promotional stuff. Don’t worry, we won’t sell your tracks without your say-so.

Complete Agreement:

By diving into our services, you’re telling us you’ve read, understood, and agreed to these terms. They’re always subject to changes – but we’ll let you know if anything big happens.
Check out our 86 Recording Studio House Rules online for extra convenience.
Thanks for picking us for your recording journey.
Let’s create something amazing together!
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