Hey there, let’s keep the rhythm smooth and the vibe groovy with these house rules:
1. Respect the place:
Treat the studio like your creative sanctuary. Respect the space, equipment, and fellow artists. Keep the good vibes flowing!
2. On-Time and Ready:
Punctuality is the key to staying in sync. Be on time for your sessions, plan ahead, and let’s make every beat count.
3. Clean Up Your Groove:
Leave no trace of your session behind. Keep the studio tidy, so the next artist can step into a fresh studio.
4. Third-Party Stars:
Bringing in extra-musical magic? You’re the maestro of arrangements and costs. Our stage is yours; make it shine!
5. Studio-Approved Sound:
Only use gear and software approved by the studio. We’re all about that top-notch sound.
6. Communicate Changes:
If things shift, give us a heads-up at least 24 hours before your session. Communication keeps the groove smooth.
7. Studio Magic, Your Responsibility:
Your personal items are your treasure. Keep track of your stuff; we can’t jive with lost and found.
8. Photography and Recordings:
Capture memories, but be mindful of others. Respect their privacy and ask before snapping.
9. Listen to the Crew:
Our studio team knows their stuff. Listen to their advice for the best studio experience.
10. Smoke-Free Zone:
We uphold a smoke-free environment within the studio premises to ensure an enjoyable experience for both smokers and non-smokers alike. Designated smoking areas are available outside the studio to accommodate your needs. Thank you for contributing to a clean and vibrant atmosphere.
Finally, Let’s Create Magic:
This is where dreams come to life. Let’s respect the space, cherish the moments, and make musical magic together!
Thanks for rocking with us and following these house rules.
Let’s keep the music flowing and the vibes alive!
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