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Shape your music freely, while we capture your unique style and vision.

What We Do

Music & Voice Recording

Whether you're a musician, vocalist, or podcaster, our studio offers top-tier equipment and expert guidance to elevate your recordings.

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Sound Mixing

Uplift your audio creations with our professional sound mixing services. Find out how we bring your sound to life.

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Track Mastering

Elevate your tracks to industry standards, preserving their authentic dynamics. Experience how we help you captivates audiences across platforms.

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Audio Editing

Transform your audio with precision and quality. Enhance sound clarity, eliminate noise, and craft polished recordings that captivate your audience with the help of our expert audio engineers.

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Live Recording

Capture the energy and authenticity of live performances with our expert Live Recording Services. Immerse your audience in the heart of the moment through pristine audio quality.

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We Lower The Price
Not The Quality

At 86 Recording Studio, our mission is to empower artists in crafting music that truly
aligns with their artistic vision. For us, music is not just a form of entertainment but a
powerful means of expression, and we are dedicated to providing the resources and
support necessary for artists to create their best work.

86 Recording Studio

  • Live Instruments
    Enrich your tracks with live instruments for authentic, vibrant sound.
  • Artistic Support
    Unleash your creativity with the backing of our expert audio engineers and creative team in our specialized studios designed for diverse recording studio capacities.
  • Professional Equipment
    Achieve excellence with cutting-edge gear for every recording
  • Own Arrangements
    Shape your music freely, capturing your unique style and vision.
  • Extra Sound-Quality
    Experience superior sonic richness that transcends expectations.
  • We Care
    We're devoted to nurturing your artistic journey, cultivating a culture of collaboration and care that propels your success forward.

Our Recording Studios

At our studios, we fuse passion with precision, curating an unparalleled space where your music comes to life, and creative innovation thrives.

Little Studio Big Sound

Discover Little Studio Big Sound, your go-to destination for intimate recording sessions, professional voice recording, meticulous sound mixing, transformative track mastering, guided by skilled audio engineers. With seamless audio editing, dynamic live recording capabilities, and a commitment to excellence, we amplify your sonic journey to perfection.


Recording Hall

Stay Tuned, We're Coming Soon!

Big Studio Biggest Sound

Stay Tuned, We're Coming Soon!

Mastering Room

With the latest equipment and a keen ear for perfection, we elevate your music to its fullest potential, delivering a sonic masterpiece that resonates with audiences. Experience the art of track mastering that transcends expectations at Little Studio Big Sound.

Every session booked includes FREE mixing and mastering services.


Arrangement Studio

Experience the freedom to shape your music with our sound engineers, included with every session booking. Unleash your creative vision and transform your compositions into sonic masterpieces with this complimentary addition at Little Studio Big Sound.


Our Location

86 Recording Studio

1080 Wyckoff Ave B18, Ridgewood
NY 11385, United States

Nestled in the heart of Ridgewood, our dynamic space at 1080 Wyckoff Ave B18 is a hub of artistic innovation. Surrounded by the vibrant energy of the city, this address serves as a creative sanctuary where ideas come to life. Here, the bustling streets of New York meet the tranquil haven of inspiration, providing the perfect backdrop for your creative journey at Little Studio Big Sound.



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