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Little Studio Big Sound

Little Studio Big Sound Discover Little Studio Big Sound, your go-to destination for intimate recording sessions, professional voice recording, meticulous sound mixing, transformative track mastering, guided by skilled audio engineers. With seamless audio editing, dynamic live recording capabilities, and a commitment to excellence, we amplify your sonic journey to perfection. 50$/hour Book Now
July 1, 2019 0

Mastering Room

Mastering Room With the latest equipment and a keen ear for perfection, we elevate your music to its fullest potential, delivering a sonic masterpiece that resonates with audiences. Experience the art of track mastering that transcends expectations at Little Studio Big Sound. Every session booked includes FREE mixing and mastering services. Free$/session Read More
May 18, 2018 0

Arrangement Studio

Arrangement Studio Experience the freedom to shape your music with our sound engineers, included with every session booking. Unleash your creative vision and transform your compositions into sonic masterpieces with this complimentary addition at Little Studio Big Sound. Free$/session Book Now
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