86 Recording Founders

Welcome to 86 Recording Studio, your all-encompassing haven where music meets innovation. Our studios, ranging from intimate nooks to expansive spaces, form the backdrop for your melodies to take flight. Our mission is to empower artists in crafting music that truly aligns with their artistic vision and profoundly connects with their audience.

We are your ultimate one-stop shop. Our creative studios, spanning from intimate corners to spacious chambers, merge technology and artistry to elevate your sound. With FREE Mixing and Mastering, combined with the expertise of our Audio Engineers, your sonic landscape flourishes without additional costs. After your session, we offer a suite of creative services, ensuring your music reaches its full potential.

In 2017, Josue Prosper, Denis Debranche, Joel Strickland, and Jesus Castillo united to form 86 Recording Studio. We embody integrity and authentic support, surpassing production to include mental health resources, financial guidance, and mentorship for holistic growth. Your music’s resonance with your vision and audience is at the heart of our endeavors.

We empower artists to craft resonant music that connects deeply. We offer the tools and support for your musical journey. As a subsidiary of 86 Records NY, a minority-owned, veteran-based label, we stand united in crafting an era rooted in authenticity. Our parent company’s vision rekindles magic through resonant melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Join us at 86 Recording Studio, where every note, lyric, and beat holds the potential to become extraordinary. We are your one-stop shop for music, creating connections that resonate and leaving an indelible mark on both artists and audiences.

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